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Watching out for our community


In keeping with its founding purpose of advocating for a safe and sustainable PA Route 41, S.A.V.E. is following PennDOT’s three important project areas. See PennDOT's website for more details.

PA Route 41 remains dangerous. In 2002, S.A.V.E. had a vision for the future of Route 41. We at S.A.V.E. continue to work to see that PennDOT’s 2010 Route 41 Planning Study translates into a plan that ensures the safe functionality of Route 41 without compromising the quality of life in southern Chester County. Read the 2012 public comments submitted by S.A.V.E. to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission as part of their Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Not only do these efforts promote safety, but they are consistent with the findings of the Return on Environment report.

Route 41/Route 926 Intersection - S.A.V.E. endorses the design and implementation of a roundabout at the intersection of Routes 41 and 926 in Londonderry Township as shown in Alternative 3 on the PennDOT site. The roundabout is proposed to solve a myriad of problems, including a crash rate above the statewide average and turns that are difficult for some larger vehicles.

Londonderry Township has hired Mark T. Johnson, P.E. of MTJ Roundabout Engineering, as their engineering consultant on this project. PennDOT has shared their data and design for a roundabout with Mark and he has provided suggestions for design improvements. Erdman Anthony, the engineering consultant to PennDOT District 6, has reviewed Mark’s recommendations and is in the process of revising the design of the roundabout for the consideration of PennDOT District 6 and the PennDOT Central Office in Harrisburg. PennDOT District 6 hopes to have a final design for consideration by Londonderry Township is underway.

Route 41/Route 841 Intersection - S.A.V.E. advocates for the design and implementation of traffic calming that keeps traffic flowing within the Village of Chatham. A roundabout at the intersection of Routes 41 and 841 is being considered by PennDOT and is supported by London Grove Township. S.A.V.E. encourages the design of a roundabout that would require specific expertise in line with this MTJ Concept Design.

Route 41 Chatham Gateways - S.A.V.E. supported the construction of gateways at both the north and south ends of the Village of Chatham. The addition of gateways at both ends of the village is a first step towards reducing the speed of vehicles going through the village, but the second phase of this project, a redesign of the intersection of Routes 41 and 841, is required to promote safe, efficient traffic flow.

Re-Imagining Route 41 - With PennDOT proposing improvements on Rt. 41 that include two roundabouts north of US 1 and an intersection redesign for State Street in Avondale (, S.A.V.E. engaged Mark Johnson of MTJ Roundabout Engineering to develop a high-level concept design for the corridor.