Traffic Calming

A Two-lane, traffic calmed, Route 41 with roundabouts


The choke points for highway congestion are the intersections. If an intersection functions properly, the roadway will function properly.  Modeling of the roadway by international experts, using data from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission have shown that a 2-lane Route 41, with roundabouts to enhance intersection capacity, can meet the present and future traffic demands. 


The pattern of land development and sprawl in the US follows infrastructure such as roadways. Studies have shown that adding travel lanes to a roadway does not relieve congestion in the long term, but has the potential to induce more traffic.   Route 41, especially north of US 1, is a rural highway traversing large areas of conserved lands including agricultural lands and open space.  Expanding Route 41 from a 2-lane to a 4-lane roadway would threaten the integrity of the conserved lands and small towns along Route 41 and is unnecessary. A traffic-calmed, 2-lane Route 41 will enhance conservation efforts, promote quality of life for towns along the roadway, and provide safe travel through the region.


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