Roadways. Bridges. Pipelines. Sewer & Water. 

Direct, Indirect & Cumulative Impacts.  Is our Land Use Sustainable?
Poor infrastructure planning can be a catalyst for sprawl, loss of open space and community character.

S.A.V.E.'s goals include instituting fundamental changes in transportation and land use policy and practices wherein outdated methods act to accelerate sprawl.  S.A.V.E.'s founding focus was to ensure a sprawl-inducing expansion project proposed for Route 41 never saw the light of day by promoting a nationally significant alternative model project for PA 41 that balanced transportation planning with community goals. 

In addition to our focus on Route 41, S.A.V.E. has become increasingly involved in other related transportation projects and land use issues in the southern Chester County region especially in the focus area of infrastructure planning and its impact on the natural and historic environment.


Highways, Roads & Intersections

In conjunction with professional transportation engineers and planners, S.A.V.E. has proposed a concept plan for a two-lane alternative with roundabouts for the full length of the Route 41 corridor. Using Route 41 as a case study, the implications of S.A.V.E.'s efforts extend far beyond the PA 41 corridor to other roadways and intersections, and transportation planning.


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