Ronald Bailey Retirement

Monday, July 13, 6pm-9pm



Ronald Bailey Retirement

Letter to the Editor in reference to Ronald Bailey's June 2015 retirement:


To the Editor:


This month, Chester County is saying good-bye to one of its finest leaders. Ronald Bailey is retiring from his position as Executive Director of the Chester County Planning Commission. Ronald is best known to county residents as the driving force behind the county’s award winning comprehensive plan known as Landscapes2. The county’s ongoing success will be dependent upon the principles in this document. Thanks to Ronald’s wealth of experience, knowledge, vision and leadership, the county has succeeded in balancing growth with preservation. It will be important for the county to continue with the same recognition that the conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural resources are key to our economic success. We are extremely fortunate to have had Ronald with us for nearly nine years and we wish him all the very best in the future.


Blair Fleischmann

Acting Executive Director of S.A.V.E.

Safety, Agriculture, Villages and Environment, Inc.

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